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NGK Spark Plug - DR8ES

NGK Spark Plug - DR8ES

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When it comes to spark plugs, NGK is the World Leader. Makers of spark plugs for virtually every automotive, motorcycle, marine, industrial and small engine application, NGK dominates the world market. NGK is famous for the "V-Groove" spark-plug and the Iridium IX spark-plug NGK is also the original equipment for the majority of the world's auto manufacturers NGK Spark Plugs are world renowned for excellence & are designed to the highest standard. The fitment range is extensive, covering virtually all popular models. NGK Plugs are available in many variations including Standard, Resistor, Iridium & Platinum options – depending on model & OEM specification requirements.

Suitable for:


KLF220 Bayou 2WD 88-02

KLF250 Bayou 03-07

KLF300B Bayou 2WD 00-08

KVF300A Prairie 4WD 99-03

KVF300B Prairie 2WD 99-03


DR200 86-09

DR200SE 08-11

DR200SE Trojan 95-19

DR200S 12-19

DRZ125 Small Wheel 05-19

DRZ125L Big Wheel 05-19


AG200 (Kick Start) 84-09

TT350 86-19

YFM350FA Grizzly 4WD 07-08

YFM350FW Big Bear 4WD 87-98

YFM350FX Wolverine 4WD 95-05

YFM400 Kodiak (FWE-FWK) 93-98

YFM400 Kodiak A 00-02

YFM400FW Big Bear 4WD (Semi Automatic) 07-13

YFM400FW Big Bear 4WD 02-06

YFM450FA Grizzly Auto 4WD 08-16




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