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Suzuki TF125- Chain Only

Suzuki TF125- Chain Only

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All XAM O-Ring chains are manufactured with hi-carbon alloy steel for strength and durability. XAM utilizes Nitrite Butadiene O-Rings to seal in lubrication and deliver smooth power with minimal ring drag or loss of horsepower.

XAM O-Ring chains have "X" shaped seals and improved metallurgy giving you 7 times longer wearlife than standard O-Ring chains. Viewed in cross-section, the X-Ring has two lubrication pools and contact lips versus the single contact design of a standard O-Ring chain. Giving the chain a longer life gives you more value for your money.

Suitable for :


CBF125 09-12

CRF100F 04-15

XR100R 92-02


RM85 Small Wheel 02-19

TF125 Mud Bug 79-19


AG100 08-17

AG175 74-95

DT175 79-03

SX225 Scorpio Z 07-14

YZ80 94-01

YZ85 Small Wheel 02-19

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