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1/4" Tie Boss - Green

1/4" Tie Boss - Green

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Tie Boss - 1/4" Green, 12ft (3.5m) Rope (2-Pack)

Tie Boss is the World's Easiest Tie Down! Safe, fast & secure, Tie Boss makes it easy to lift up or tie down almost any load with an easy one-hand lock & release. 

Ideal for smaller loads, and/or hanging bikes, paddleboards etc. in the garage.

Product Specification


  • Maximum load limit: 150lbs or 68kgs
  • 12 feet (3.5m) of solid braid, polypropylene rope
  • 2 durable hooks
  • 2 per package
  • No moving parts to break or jam
  • Instant lock and release
  • Do not corrode when wet like rachets


Keep your garage organized or easily secure cargo with these Tie Boss Green 1/4" Tie Down/Lift Ups. These two hardy units make quick and easy work of raising a kayak or bike off of the ground, or suspending a ladder against a wall.

A patented, serrated jam cleat on each plastic housing keeps the 1/4", braided polypropylene rope locked into position, and the vivid green hue of the cleats keeps them visible in low light.

Included top and bottom hooks anchor the assemblies to your truck bed, trailer, or garage ceiling, and once secured, each Tie Boss can support a load of up to 68kgs.

The patented design of the housing ensures the rope will not stretch or snapback while in use, and the items are engineered to set, lock, and release with just one hand. 

Use this set of Tie Bosses to lock your ATV to your trailer or affix them to a tent's corners for a lasting installation. Their remarkable design and hassle-free packaging make them simple to open and use right away, and the green housing lends a hint of safety to the units. Quick, easy, and durable, the Tie Boss is a fantastic addition to your equipment, and a great gift for the outdoor enthusiast who has everything!


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